TWO thugs who battered a man with his electric guitar after bursting into his house brandishing knives have been jailed.

Paul Carroll, 29 and Mark Money, 39, raided the house in Oakleigh Road South on June 28, while the occupier was watching a World Cup match between Brazil and Chile on TV with two friends.

They knocked on the door and when it was opened barged in, both holding knives, and started shouting, “Where's my money? Give me my money?”.

They then started to assault the three men, at one point using an electric guitar to beat the owner. During the struggle one man suffered a stab wound.

The pair only left when the owner threw his wallet, containing £20, at them. They left saying”If I find out you have told police I will come back”.

Carroll, of Oakleigh Road North, and Money of Linthorpe Road, Cockfosters, were arrested following police inquiries on July 6.

Officer in the case Paul Richardson said: “To forcibly invade someone’s home is a horrendous crime in itself.

“To then use weapons, and then inflict this level of violence on the victims shows a ruthless streak that demands a custodial sentence. It is almost beyond belief that people would carry out these terrifying acts for a gain of £20.

“These men were swiftly detected, arrested and charged and this confirms the commitment and determination of the police to bring violent criminals to justice and protect the public.”

On Friday at Wood Green Crown Court Carroll was sentenced to 15 months and Money 30 months in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated burglary.