Concern is growing that a forest of telephone masts is being erected in residential areas and forced upon residents against their wishes.

A planning application has been submitted, to erect a 12.5m mast on the corner of County Gate with the A1000, despite there being an identical mast about 100m north on the same road. The neighbourhood is angry at the prospect.

Health issues relating to these masts are allegedly not yet proven. Neither are they proven to be safe.

Many respected scientific studies indicate health concerns, with young children being at particular risk. Masts are rarely erected near schools and hospitals yet children and residents spend far more time at home than in either of these places.

Councillors and residents are being forced to take part in a charade as Government policies pressure councils to ignore concerns raised regarding health and property values.

The vast majority of residents believe the mast will ruin a lovely green area, be a sinister eyesore and add to the depression and pressure residents suffer under increasing overdevelopment.

Similar proposals have been rejected in neighbouring wards and should be in this case.

Gordon Tweedale County Gate, Barnet