A YOUNG woman from Whetstone is hoping to raise awareness of anorexia among teenagers and young adults in her first published novel.

Azzurra Bertoncini, 24, wrote her novel The Last Line after interviewing author Ola Laniyan Amoako while doing work experience at a local newspaper.

Azzurra said: “I really clicked with Ola and I started talking to her about how to write and publish a book.”

The novel is written as a diary and tells the story of a girl who died of anorexia.

Azzurra lives and works in Rome as a communications consultant, but returns regularly to visit her family home in the borough.

She said: “Having grown up in London I feel like I’ve seen everything – from youngsters on drugs and teenage pregnancies to eating disorders.

“Some magazines show very slim models and unfortunately some young people are inspired by them.

“One of my friends suffered from anorexia after having a competition with herself to see how much weight she could lose and two people I know have come very close to dying because of the disease.

“Although my book is ultimately a leisurely read the issues it touches on are important and hopefully it will raise some awareness.”

She added: “I would like to write another book in the future but I’d like to do something more personal to me.”

The Last Line is published by Urbantopia Books.