A HENDON man is starting a seven year sentence after almost slitting a love rival's throat in a long-running dispute over his ex-girlfriend.

Jacob Butchoff will spend at least three years behind bars after being jailed yesterday at Wood Green Crown Court over the attack in September last year in a Golder Green restaurant.

The dispute started in 2007 when the victim, a former friend of Butchoff, started going out with his former girlfriend, something he took exception to.

Things came to a head when Butchoff, who turned 20 on January 30, demanded a meeting with the victim, threatening to harm his family if he did not do so.

After consulting his father the victim agreed to meet in a restaurant, with his father sat close by.

The meeting appeared to be going well but then as Butchoff got up to go to the toilet he moved behind the victim, grabbed him and started to draw a knife he had brought with him across his neck.

The victim managed to push back and twixt, receiving a cut to his ear which required 15 stitches, before falling to the floor where Butchoff plunged the knife into his back.

At this point the father managed to get to the pair and disarm Butchoff, who ran off but was caught by a passing PCSO.

As he was being led away he shouted at the victim “I will kill you. Just wait until I get out”.

Yesterday the Brent Street resident was given a sentence of seven years for grievous bodily harm with intent and ordered to serve a minimum of three years.