A NEW “Ponderland” has been opened to allow pupils at a chance to express their creativity.

The garden, named by the pupils of Northgate School which teaches pupils who are in patients at Edgware Hospital, was built with supported by the artsdepot theatre trust.

Local artist and artisan Alistair Lambert has spent the last ten weeks, along with another artist Andrea Tyrimos, designing and creating the space with the pupils.

Over that time they have shown them a range of techniques and processes such as pattern design, woodwork, sand art and moulding and casting to create the new space.

Yesterday it was officially opened in glorious sunshine by the Deputy Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Lisa Rutter.

Alice Lobb, artsdepot's visual arts officer, said: “The students chose the name Ponderland and many of them have commented that the overall project has provided a space to relax and I think the name is very appropriate.

“In the workshops students have learnt a range of new skills all of which have contributed to this wonderful new garden, a space which artsdepot hopes will be where students, staff and visitors can relax for years to come.

“We’re all really pleased with the end result and it is great to see students enjoying it in the sunshine today”.

The school caters for youngsters living as in-patients in the hospital and the New Beggining Crisis Recovery Unit.