A Kingston University lecturer committed suicide because she became unable to cope with the pressures of work, an inquest has heard.

Professor Diana Winstanley, 45, daughter of the late life-peer Michael Winstanley, hanged herself at her home near Guildford in July.

An inquest at West Sussex Coroners Court on Thursday, August 17, found the divorced mother-of-two had become depressed in her new role as a director of postgraduate programmes in the faculty of business and law.

Two years ago, she took up the seemingly glamorous role, which involved travel to Greece, Russia and the university's other foreign partners. But she felt unable to manage - particularly with the demands of computer technology.

Kingston University this week paid tribute to the professor and has set up four scholarships for overseas students in her memory.

A university spokesman said those who met her in the weeks leading up to her death said she seemed her usual vibrant and positive self and there was no outward sign she was suffering the levels of distress that appear to have contributed to her death.

The university will undertake a full study of the coroner's report to determine whether any further action needs to be taken, and said there are a number of policies in place to assist staff in dealing with any stress or pressure.

Professor Christine Edwards, head of the university's school of human resource management, said: "So many of Diana's students, colleagues and peers owe their career and self-esteem to her.

"She inspired so many people around her and we are determined to continue with her work to ensure Diana's name lives on."