MIDDLESEX University has announced it will be charging the maximum £9,000 for all its undergraduate courses from September next year.

The university has followed others like Oxford and Cambridge with the hike, justifying the move saying it needs the extra cash to cover building projects to improve student experience.

Last year the Government announced cuts to higher education funding, instead allowing universities to set their own fees, sparking violent protests in central London and claims it would freeze the poorest out of further study.

Professor Michael Driscoll, the vice-chancellor, said: “With the major funding changes facing our sector, this is not the time to ask our students to accept anything less than the best teaching, best facilities and best opportunities.

“One of these opportunities is studying in a major capital city, and our ongoing work to build state of the art facilities and invest in staff does come at a higher financial cost because of our great location.”

Last year 1,100 school leavers from Barnet applied for places, with a higher number expected this year.

The fees will be paid as loans, with money being paid back once a graduate is earning over £21,000.

Prof Driscoll added: “We are a university that has spent the past decade working tirelessly to widen access to higher education so we’re encouraged by the recent focus on welcoming students from all backgrounds.

“Our experience in outreach and widening participation means that we already invest heavily in providing tailored student support services to ensure all students, regardless of their background, are able to reach their potential with us.”

A league table published last month by the Complete University Guide showed it had climbed to 71 overall, up 28 places from 2011, placing 79 for graduate prospects.

More than two-thirds of universities which have announced their plans are setting the £9,000 fee, with only a handful plumping for charges of less than £8,000.

However, the former polytechnic said it would be offering “a range of fee waivers and scholarships” for those who need the most support.