PLANS to stop residents living on an estate with narrow roads parking on paths have been attacked by a Labour councillor.

Yesterday enforcement officers handed out a second set of warning tickets to people parked on footways in the Golders Green Estate.

Resident Edward Adoo said he feared cars having to park on the road would stop the emergency services and even rubbish lorries using the streets.

Councillor Kath McGuirk, Labour's environment spokesman said: “Once again ticket happy Barnet Council are targeting residents who have parked safely on the footway for years, putting profit before safety.

“There are many roads across the borough where pavement parking has been allowed allowing vehicles, including refuse trucks and more importantly emergency vehicles to pass safely.

“This is the Barnet Tories once again coming down heavy handed, using a hammer to crack a nut. Why don’t they listen to residents and come up with a scheme that benefits everyone?”

Conservative councillor Melvin Cohen said h had pushed for a scheme to allow residents to park on the paths and has asked for no tickets to be issued until one is drawn up.