BARNET'S London Assembly member has come under fire from Mayor Boris Johnson after claiming more than £1,000 on taxi journeys around London last year on the taxpayer.

Tory Brian Coleman has racked up expenses of £1065.54 on taxi trips to official function, claimed from the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority which he chairs.

The figures show Mr Coleman, the man in charge of transport as a councillor in Barnet, claimed nearly £700 on congestion charge fees.

He is thought to be paid £114,000-a-year for his three roles, including £26,000 as chair of the fire authority.

Another fire authority member and Labour London Assembly member John Briggs last week wrote to Mr Johnson to complain about the level of the claims.

He wrote: “This extravagant and frivolous use of public money at a time when Londoners are facing a huge squeeze on their living standards, cuts to their services and tax hikes is - I am sure you would agree - nothing short of outrageous.”

In response Mr Johnson told the Times Series: “We have had a word with Brian and I think he understands this is a time for restraint in public spending all round.”

He said the expenses regime was down to the fire authority, but urged members to tighten it to avoid any abuse.

However, in the same time frame Cllr Coleman pocketed just £43 from his London Assembly expenses, down from the £3,500 he claimed in 2008/9.

He failed to respond to the Times Series to comment on the expenses, but told the Evening Standard he no longer claims for an annual travel card for public transport.

Details of this year's claims include several taxi journeys with his mother, including one day's worth of trips costing £140 for the Firefighters Memorial Trust remembrance service.

On two other days he claimed £145 and £135 on a series of cab rides between meetings, including a journey of under a mile to St Paul's Cathedral with his mother in December.

There are also several claims for lunch appointments, as well as mileage and hotel expenses totalling £500 for a trip to Bournemouth for the Local Government Association conference.