A COUPLE has said Barnet Council’s cashless parking system discriminates against people without a mobile phone and has put them off visiting the borough.

Ken Winchester, 66, and his wife Sarah Winchester, 63, live in Tempest Avenue, Potters Bar and used to occasionally drive into Barnet to shop.

Mr and Mrs Winchester last visited the borough in May, when they were issued a £55 parking ticket in Carnarvon Road despite not being able to locate a working parking meter, or having a mobile phone to pay using a credit or debit card.

Mrs Winchester said: “Like many pensioners, we do not carry a mobile phone around with us and would certainly not be willing to disclose sensitive bank card details so openly.

“We now feel that we are being defrauded by Barnet Council who show a tyrannical disregard for ordinary honest motorists."

Over 80,000 drivers have signed up to cashless parking since it was rolled out in the borough last July as part of the council’s attempt to save money from the parking services department.

However, Mr Winchester said: “Barnet Council is discriminating against a wide sector of the public. A lot of people our age won’t be able to use the new system because we don’t carry mobile phones or bank cards.

“It’s definitely deterred us from going to Barnet.”

A Barnet Council spokeswoman said as of last Monday 80 per cent of the borough's pay and display machines were working but refused to comment on the cashless system and residents' ability to use it.