A GROUP of musicians handed over £10,000 to Teenage Cancer Trust at this year’s East Barnet Festival.

Members of the Barnet based Al Pascal music school performed more than 50 songs ranging from reggae and rock, to blues and jazz last weekend.

Having raised money at a previous concert held in Whetstone, the group of 60 music-lovers handed a cheque to the cancer charity.

Director of the school, Alex Paschali said: “Because we get a lot of teenagers playing with us we thought it would be nice for them to help out other teenagers suffering from cancer.

“The festival was an extremely exhilarating event for us, with everyone putting all their energy into the performances.”

The music school was set up in 2001 to teach anyone aged six and over to play popular musical instruments such as the guitar, bass, keyboard and drums, as well as how to sing.