THE MP for HENDON who has remained abroad since the London riots started says he is engaging in work concerned with counter narcotics and counter terrorism.

Matthew Offord is on holiday in Belize but says he has also been engaged in Parliamentary business helping the South American country prepare for hurricane season.

He says he has also been working with coastguards fighting terrorism and the drugs trade, but is unable to say anymore about that side of his trip before he returns on Saturday next week.

He said: “I certainly have not just gone off on holiday. I’m engaging in Parliamentary work in a third world country.

“It’s not the cocktails on the beach that some people like to think it is.”

He flew out of London on Saturday morning, before the riots started, and told the Times-Series he did not hear of the news until Monday.

He said he has been in regular contact with the borough commander and claimed hundreds of people had looked at his website, where he posted a message to the community on Thursday.

It reads: “I completely condemn the scenes that we have seen on our television screens and in our communities.

“The violence and looting is not only shocking but also confusing as it has nothing to do with the shooting in Tottenham.

“We can only speculate on the motivations of the people who are engaging in this criminal behaviour but one thing is for sure and that is that it is unacceptable.

"I fully understand the concerns of my constituents about safety in our area.”