THE Labour London Assembly candidate for Barnet and Camden has criticised Barnet Council for ignoring his enquiries into hikes in parking charges.

Andrew Dismore used the Freedom of Information Act on July 20 to question the council’s consultation with residents before rolling out the changes.

The council increased parking permits for people living in controlled parking zones (CPZs) from £40 to £100, and visitor vouchers from £1 to £4.

Mr Dismore said: “I want to find out whether the council did a proper consultation in the first place – because I don’t think they did.

“A lot of people didn’t get to hear about the changes and were not given proper information.”

A public authority has a legal obligation to respond to FoI requests and should do so within 20 working days.

But, 26 days since Mr Dismore filed the request, the council has not responded.

Mr Dismore said: “The failure of Barnet Council to comply with the law is appalling.

“They have not even acknowledged the request, despite reminders.

“I understand that mine is not the only request for information relating to the parking policy either - other residents have not had their FoI requests answered. It all seems extremely fishy.”

Council response to follow.