AN ELDERLY and disabled Edgware resident is fighting against a pavement parking fine, saying the council is only out to make money.

Edward Bradley, 85, of Mostyn Road, parked on Barnfield Road last week to visit the chemist with his wife and carer and during the minutes he was away from his car was ticketed with a £55 parking fine.

“Everyone was parked with their wheels up on the pavement... no one else was given a ticket,” he said.

“We couldn’t find any other parking places.”

"The council is only worried about making money."

Mr Bradley is wheelchair bound and said the effort it took to get the wheelchair out and try to cross the road to the chemist was too much for him, so he turned back to the car, when he saw the parking inspector.

“My carer, she was with me all the time. She was so disgusted.”

Mr Bradley said the parking ticket was placed over the top of his disabled parking permit, which was on clear display on dashboard.

He claimed the inspector had also parked his van with two wheels on the pavement and on a stretch of street with a double yellow line.

“I tried to get my camera out to take a photo of it, but he was too quick for me.”

At last week’s council meeting a question from Councillor Brian Gordon on pavement parking clarified that pavement parking "is “an offence under Highway Legislation”.

Councillor Brian Coleman told the chamber that “where footway parking contravention takes place, enforcement will be carried out”.

“In roads where no CEO visits have taken place in the last three months prior to a request for enforcement being received, ward member views will be sought before enforcement is carried out.”

Last week, residents of Selvage Lane, Mill Hill, overturned enforcements on pavement parking, after presenting a petition to council at the Hendon residents' forum.

More than 60 signatories protested against recent penalties awarded to motorists who parked their car on the footpath.