BARNET Council planning staff held a candlelight vigil outside Hendon Town Hall last night as part of the day’s industrial action against the council’s service outsourcing plans.

Six workers, who had been unable to participate in earlier action, gathered in the cold to greet councillors arriving for the planning and environment committee meeting which began at 7pm.

Planning officer Adam Driscoll, of Southgate, said the vigil was a quiet and peaceful demonstration for those who could not participate in earlier action.

Police kept watch over the vigil, and were told to expect about 200 protesters.

The group distributed and read from a booklet entitled "A vigil to mark the passing of planning services in the public interest".

The booklet included information from blogger Barnet Eye.

Barnet UNISON branch secretary John Burgess said the vigil was never intended to be a large-scale protest event.

"It was only for the planning staff who hadn't taken part earlier."