SERVICE reductions and higher parking charges are among ways Barnet Council hope to cut spending in the borough over the coming years.

In the next three years, Barnet Council will try to cut £43 million from its budget.

The annual budget report, released by the Conservatives last week, reveal service reductions, efficiency savings and increased charges, cutting £14.5million from adult social care and £9.5million from children’s services.

Charges will be introduced in seven council car parks, £400,000 is anticiapted in increased fees and charges, and dimming street lights will save a predicted £400,000.

Evironment and planning, commercial services and libraries will also come under the knife and council tax will be frozen for 2012/13.

Social workers for those with mental health problems, drug and alcohol, and support services will be heavily reduced to save £250,000.

More than 100 jobs are under threat to make efficiency savings, despite mass redundancies last year.

Daniel Thomas, cabinet member for resources said the cuts were regretful but necessary in order to maintain investment in vital services.

“Everywhere that we have spent money there has been a good purpose and a reason,” he said.

“But at this difficult time we have to look at what are our statutory needs and what are the services that have been nice to have.

“We have to cut back on things like school support so we can help the very vulnerable.

“We are getting closer and closer to delivering just our statutory duties.”

Alison Moore, leader of the Barnet Labour group, said cuts would hit the vulnerable hardest.

“Disabled people are already suffering disproportionately from government cuts, and they now face a double whammy by being targeted by Barnet’s Conservative Council,’ she said.

“Instead of supporting carers who provide a vital service to Barnet they are putting an even greater burden on them.”

"You have to ask whether the Barnet Tories really care about our residents in these tough times.

She said she was concerned about volunteer organisations suffering under increased demand with the cutting of so many services: “We have got very little youth service left; we have got very little leisure services left; very little arts support.

“We’re now talking about things that the people of Barnet really need.”

The budget report will go to the Cabinet meeting at Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, from 7pm tonight.