THE HIGH Court has denied permission to a group of motorists outraged by council permit parking fee increases for a judicial review.

Barnet CPZ Action group has been persuing legal action in the High Court for a judicial review of the parking permit prices since its formation in April.

East Finchley resident and lawyer David Attfield is leading the legal bid and said this was an unfortunate hurdle, but would not deter the group.

He said: "We are not going to be backing down. We are committed to doing what's necessary to move this forward."

For a judicial review to go ahead, the group needs permission from the court.

Mr Attfield said the group had applied for this permission in writing, but had been denied because the court felt the group's case was too similar to a previous case against the council regarding CPZ prices, which was also denied.

He added: "It means that we now need to present a fuller case in person."

Mr Attfield said it was likely that the group would present their case early in the new year.

He added: "We were hoping that we would be given permission immediately. I'm slightly disappointed."

Mr Attfield said the court's refusal was made particularly bitter after the success of a fundraising event hosted by the group on the weekend.

He said: "We have gone from the high of a very good event to this, but we're not out, we will fight on."