THE HIGH Court's refusal to permit a judicial review of Barnet Council's Controlled Parking Zone prices has made motorists more determined to fight.

Barnet CPZ Action group was denied permission in the High Court to persue a judicial review, but hopes a second presentation of their case to the court will change the ruling.

Group spokesman, East Finchley resident and lawyer David Attfield said: "The need to ensure that CPZ residents are not held to ransom year after year is too important for us to give up. And the arguments, both legal and moral, are too strong. We fight on."

Following the court ruling this week, Councillor Brian Coleman, Cabinet member for Environment, said: "We knew this case had no merit from the start.

"We always knew that we made the right decision in the right way, and this is what the judge has confirmed. I am also pleased that the judge has awarded costs to the council in this case.

"The actions the council had to take were in the interests of the whole borough. People who live ina CPZ enjoy considerable benefits and therefore it is reasonable that they make some financial contribution.

"Our charges are in now line with other London boroughs."

Mr Attfield has rebuked Cllr Coleman's claims saying: "Councillor Coleman is delusional if he thinks that Barnet's charges are in line with other boroughs.

"We agree that people who live in CPZs should make some financial contribution. The question is how much."

The group argues that the borough's permit prices are well above neighbouring boroughs, using the example of inviting eight guests to a child's birthday party.

In Haringey this costs £4.60, in Enfield £8 and in Islington it costs £12.80, while in Barnet it costs £32.

"Whilst we are disappointed by the judge's response to our initial application, the case continues and the basic facts have not changed," Mr Attfield said.