CAMPAIGNERS rallied their opposition to Barnet Council's outsourcing programme at a service provision conference in central London yesterday.

Members of the Barnet Alliance For Public Services (BAPS), rallied outside, handing leaflets to those entering the conference at the Lancaster Hotel, Paddington, ahead of a presentation from the council’s deputy chief executive on the One Barnet programme.

The group was concerned that the opposition of residents to the outsourcing programme would not be conveyed in his presentation.

BAPS member Tirza Waisel said: “We protested outside and were not allowed into the conference, neither would the hotel security people take in a note to Andrew Travers inviting him out to talk with Barnet residents. But we handed out leaflets to some of the participants on their way in.”

Fellow member Vicki Morris said: “I think the protest made its point. A number of residents were there, we were visible. The organisers had been expecting us.

“The main point is that we think it's wrong for such matters as One Barnet to be discussed behind the backs of the residents and staff who are most affected by it. We want our say.

“It's also wrong for the representatives of the companies who will profit from outsourcing to have such privileged access to those making the outsourcing decisions as they get at events like this.”

The conference was run by the events management arm of Capita, a service company currently bidding for a £750million, ten-year One Barnet contract with Barnet Council.