THE BARNET FC Supporters Trust has backed the decision made by the club yesterday to leave Underhill.

The Trust has met with representatives from Barnet Council Barnet FC chairman Tony Kleanthous over the past two months to assess the club's situation.

Trust chairman Eddie Thompson said the announcement did not come as a surprise.

"It's been coming for a long time. I think the club has reached the stage where we've been talking about this and arguing about this for years and we're getting nowhere. It is time to call it a day.

"We're fully behind the club on this.

"The big issue for the supporters is where to next. No decision has been made and we're following that very closely."

Mr Thompson said the trust had a "very fruitful" meeting with Barnet FC chairman Tony Kleanhous on Monday, explaining the reasons for the announcement to come.

A statement issued by the club said: "The chairman met members of the newly formed Barnet FC Supporters Trust on Monday and outlined the response from the Football League saying that the club could not start next season without a guarantee of finishing the season there.

"He gave a full and frank assessment of the current situation and asked for any questions. The supporters' chairman Eddie Thompson confirms that there were no dissenting voices to the announcement about having to leave Underhill.

"This is no knee jerk reaction. There have been talks over recent years about resolving the ground issues."