MEMBERS of the Barnet FC Supporters Trust have expressed disappointment in the comments of their chairman, saying it is not representative of the group.

A number of Trust members have contacted the Times Series claiming that comments made by chairman Eddie Thompson were not the true views of the Trust.

Mr Thompson told the Times Series that the Trust was "fully behind the club" on its decision to leave Underhill.

Members said the Trust is going through a period of transition from its former guise as the Barnet Football Club Supporters' Association and the current committee is a holding committee, with formal directors to be appointed in January.

A statement on the club's website on December 6 announced that the Trust was a legal entity following approval from the Financial Services Authority.

It also stated that Eddie Thompson was to remain chairman for the next year until elections were held.

One member, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "If if you were to read the BFCSA statement written last night and posted on our website you will see exactly what our position is. We have, as a committee, decided to be completely unbiased and present the facts as they are which allows supporters to make up their own mind."

Another member stated: "I can categorically tell you that the Trust committee has not formed any position on this issue yet, and the committee, as representatives of Barnet supporters, will do so after canvassing views from Trust members."

The individuals wish to remain anonymous until tomorrow, when a formal statement will be issued by the Trust committee.