CAMPAIGNERS pursuing a judicial review on the council’s parking charges have been given a date for their second chance to plead their case in court.

Barnet CPZ Action applied for a judicial review in November, but was denied by a High Court judge because of similarities with an earlier case by another Barnet resident, which was also denied.

Solicitor and group spokesman David Attfield, of East Finchley, said the group would pursue its second hearing option, a oral presentation to the judge, which has now been set for February 8.

“The first court appearance was a consideration of the case on paper,” Mr Attfield explained.

“Clearly, things didn’t go so well on paper, but we’re convinced that skilled representation, strong arguments and the opportunity to talk the judge through our case will get us the permission we need to move forward.

“There is some additional information that we’ve been made aware of, but the basic arguments are the same.

“We have an opportunity to explain why the arguments put forward by Barnet Council don’t stand up.”

In April 2010 Mr Attfield submitted papers applying for a judicial review into Barnet Council’s decision to increase the cost of permits in controlled parking zones from £42 to £100 per year and to raise visitors’ passes to £4 from £1.

The group argues that the rise in charges is unlawful because the revenue generated will be used to repair roads across the borough, instead of controlling parking in CPZs.

The hearing will be held at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand and Mr Attfield encourages members of the public to attend.

He said the group’s website would be updated with the time of the hearing as soon as they were made aware of it.