ONE of the oldest residential streets in East Barnet will be marred if an application for a residential development is approved by council, campaigners say.

A proposal for a three-storey block of flats is to go before the Barnet Council East Area Planning Committee meeting tonight, and a group of more than 40 residents is rallying to stop it.

Cherrie Beckwith lives on Jackson Road next door to a detached building erected by William Jackson, after whom the street was named, and says the proposed development, at the adjacent Oakleigh Court would ruin the heritage of the area.

“We’re already overshadowed by flats at the end of the garden, and this will block out all of the daylight.

“It’s the oldest street in Barnet, the area should be protected.”

Forty-nine letters of objection were submitted to the council against the application, however in the report due to go before the committee tonight, only 26 were noted.

“What happened to our other objections,” Mrs Beckwith said.

“It’s the old rigmarole with this council, it seems very underhand.”

Roger Aitken, also of Jackson Road, said he had called the council for an explanation, but could not get a straight answer.

“It makes one wonder what is going on in terms of transparency and, why the discrepancy?

“Did the planning officers actually take into account all opinions. Some 23 replies have been missed off or simply ignored.

"We are talking here about a three-storey block potentially towering above 100-year-old cottages, within 20 metres. And, it's right smack behind a detached house built by William Jackson for his daughter.

"He built this entire road, which is one of the oldest in East Barnet village."

A statement from Barnet Council said: “Any replies to consultation received after a report is drafted would be included in an addendum which goes before committee members.

“This is standard procedure and allows all residents’ representations received by the consultation deadline to be presented at the meeting for consideration.

“Jackson Road and Oakleigh Court are not located in a Conservation Area, Area of Special Character or an Area of Archaeological Significance.”

The application has been recommended for approval by council officers and will be debated at the meeting tonight, from 7pm.