A restaurant in Mill Hill will review its pizza recipes, following the revelation that it was selling a pizza saltier than sea water.

Pepperoni pizzas sold at The Adam & Eve, in The Ridgeway, came top of the salt-content table in a survey on salt levels in pizzas across the country.

Health pressure group, The Consensus Action of Salt and Health (CASH), looked at 199 pizzas from both takeaways and supermarkets, and found the Mill Hill restaurant’s pepperoni contained 2.73g of salt per 100g, more than any other they tested.

This compares to the Atlantic Ocean, which has 2.5g of salt per 100g.

The pizza contained 4g more salt than is recommended for people to eat in a day.

Gareth Leakey, group manager at The Adam & Eve, said: “We were not aware that the salt levels were so high. We wouldn’t have done it if we knew.

“We are taking it extremely seriously and have reacted immediately by reviewing all of our ingredients and reducing the salt content of our dough.”

Mr Leakey also said that he is in discussions with CASH and hopes they will come and retest his pizzas now that the recipe has been changed.

He said: “We are now working with the relevant authorities to look at everything in our food, including fat levels.

“This has started a bigger review.”

However, the Mill Hill restaurant was not the only Barnet shocker.

Il Mascalzone in Station Road, Edgware, was found to sell the fifth most salty pizzas in the country, with pepperonis containing 2.08g of salt per 100g.

The research also showed that takeaway pizzas contain up to two-and-a-half times more salt than supermarket ones, and that half of takeaway pizzas contain the daily recommended salt allowance.

In a statement Barnet Council said: "Barnet Council's Environmental Health team are working with the takeaway outlets to help them reduce the salt levels in their pizzas and will revisit their premises again."