A senior politician responsible for parking charges in Barnet is under investigation over claims he dodged the fees he introduced.

Councillor Brian Coleman allegedly misused his members' free parking permit to avoid paying the off-street charges on Sunday.

Labour politicians have accused the London Assembly member, who is up for election on May 3, of displaying the permit while he accompanied London Mayor Boris Johnson on a visit to Golders Green.

The badges are handed to Conservative politicians on Barnet Council for use on authority business only and the Totteridge representative’s alleged conduct would constitute a breach in the rules.

Cllr Coleman told the Times Series there is “no truth whatsoever” in the allegations, claiming he was in the area visiting constituents under his role as a councillor.

He also claimed the allegations were a political stunt by rival London Assembly candidate and former Labour Hendon MP Andrew Dismore.

He said: “I was on constituency business separate from any political visit that was going on at the time. This is a nasty, dirty campaign by Andrew Dismore, particularly as he asked us to bring in the permits in the first place.

“This is Andrew Dismore throwing wild allegations against any Conservative, not just me. This has been the sleaziest, nastiest campaign I have ever fought.”

The cabinet member was filmed by a Labour activist allegedly parking his car without paying and the party lodged a formal complaint to council officials.

Cllr Coleman is the second Tory member to face accusations of permit misuse after a political row erupted last week.

Hendon Conservative Association chairman Councillor Hugh Rayner admitted inadvertently using his member's badge to park while canvassing on party political business last Tuesday.

The Hale representative denied deliberately avoiding the parking charge and handed his permit back to the council to “avoid any more confusion”, leading the authority to drop its investigation into the matter.

All Labour politicians declined to accept the parking permits when they were brought in by the Conservative cabinet nearly four years ago, claiming the move was unfair on residents.

Labour group leader Alison Moore said she was shocked at Cllr Rayner’s misuse last week and today reiterated calls by her party for the permits to be revoked.

The East Finchley representative also confirmed an emergency motion was being put forward for tonight’s council meeting, calling on the authority to withdraw free parking for members.

She said: “I was absolutely astounded this could happen again – under the circumstances it seems utterly unthinkable that another member would do the same thing just a few days later.

“If it is found to be true it shows the dismissive arrogance being displayed to the people of Barnet. I asked last week that the council consider withdrawing the scheme on the grounds that it is bringing the council into disrepute. I will be repeating that request.”

Barnet Council confirmed today it was looking into the latest allegation. In a statement, a representative said: "We have received a formal request to look into a potential misuse of a member's permit which we are currently investigating. It would be inappropriate to comment any further at this stage."