A Barnet hairdresser is considering lodging a formal complaint about the treatment she received at the hands of Councillor Brian Coleman.

Anna Constantinou, 32, who owns Rapunzel Hair Salon, received a visit from the Totteridge councillor on Friday evening.

Cllr Coleman visited a number of shops on Barnet High Street to demand they remove Sack Brian Coleman posters from their windows.

The shopkeepers had put up the posters in protest at the high parking charges in the area, which they argue are destroying their businesses by keeping customers away.

Ms Constantinou says that Cllr Coleman stormed into her shop demanding that the poster was removed, and that his behavior scared some of her clients away.

She said: “He came over when I was cutting someone’s hair and he was basically in my face shouting that he found the poster offensive.

“I asked him to leave, but he refused and some of my customers left.

“I am putting together a formal complaint to Barnet Council, because it is just not acceptable.”

If Ms Constantinou does lodge the complaint then it will be the third made against the councillor so far this year.

Cllr Coleman also visited Hopscotch Sweets on the High Street where his tirade was caught on CCTV.

The shop’s owner, Michael Kentish, said: “The whole thing was just shocking.

“It was really quite a distressing experience.

“He didn’t care about what we thought, he just stomped in.”

When a Times Series reporter contacted Cllr Coleman for a comment, he hung up the phone.