A video showing a young Barnet magician walking through a glass door has been watched by more than 12,500 people on YouTube.

Leon Thomson, 16, from New Barnet uploaded the clip after wowing friends with the magic trick at Barnet Table Tennis Club on Sunday, May 6.

Assisted by two members of staff at the club, the footage shows Leon climbing through a glass window in a solid wooden door.

Leon, who is a county table tennis player, said: “I was inspired by magicians on TV. I already knew how to do a trick putting a pencil through a sheet of plastic but I wanted to go bigger. I thought – why don’t I do a similar trick with a human.”

Speaking about the success of his video clip, he said: “For even a bunch of people to see the video is great, but thousands – it’s absolutely unbelievable. There are no words to describe it.”

Top magician, Derren Brown also tweeted "awesome, well done. X" to the aspiring performer.

Leon said: “That’s brilliant. It’s really motivated me to so more stuff in the future.”

Leon, who goes to East Barnet School, first became interested in magic when he was just five-years-old.

He said: “I liked the mystery and illusion side of it. Then when I was about nine-years-old I saw a magician at a holiday camp. He was doing all sorts of crazy tricks and I really wanted to know how he did it, and to do it myself.”

One year later, Leon joined the Young Magician's Club run by The Magic Circle and has been taught by some of the best magicians in the country including Derren Brown and Paul Daniels.

He performs card tricks, mentalism, hypnosis and street panache.

Leon added: “My dream is to be performing magic fulltime professionally. I want to try and push magic as far as I can go.”

To watch the Leon's trick visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=of1oGJQ9kao