A freelance photographer from Mill Hill has snapped a rare sighting of a deer in his garden.

Les O’Gorman, 64, from Westmere Drive, has seen the unexpected visitor a number of times during the past week.

He said: “I have never seen a deer like this before; I think it is a Muntjac. It appeared completely out of the blue.

“I know that people have seen them in Scratch Wood but to get here from there it would have had to cross a golf course, a school and a number of roads.”

Mr O’Gorman happened to have a camera to hand when he saw the deer on Saturday afternoon so leant out of his door to get the snap without scaring it away.

He is concerned that the deer is injured so called a local rescue centre who advised him to leave it as it would be very difficult to catch.

Mr O’Gorman believes that sightings of Muntjac deer are becoming more and more common in the area.

A representative of the RSPCA explained that the deer are fairly common in London’s parks but they are shy and, therefore, it is unusual to see one.