A documentary film about Barnet received a “really positive reception” when it was screened at the Edinburgh Festival last night.

Tale of Two Barnets, by Charles Honderick, premiered in Finchley on March 19 and was shown by Unison in Edinburgh yesterday.

Producer, Roger Tichbourne, said: “The reception was really positive in Edinburgh.

“It went really well and we had a good night. More than 60 people came along to see it.

“Edinburgh has had a lot of problems with its council so there was curiousness about the situation in Barnet and how it compares.” 

To create the film Mr Honderick, whose mother was from Barnet, spent six months interviewing Barnet’s residents about their lives, experiences and the issues they face.

He used these interviews, including some from councillors, to create the 30-minute film which aims to gives a voice to marginalised people.

The film looks at issues including parking, businesses closing and the needs of vulnerable people.

Mr Tichbourne said: “A lot of people were just interested in the situation generally and in how people are dealing with cuts.

“Also, people really like the idea of a low budget film about their locality.

“They find that quite inspiring.”

Mr Honderick said: "When we made the film, we expected a good reception in Barnet.

“The reaction has exceeded all of our expectations and we are delighted was shown in Edinburgh".

He added: "We have been inundated with requests to make a follow up.

“We are about to commence this now.

“We are looking for people who live in Barnet and have interesting stories to tell to get in touch, which they can do via the film website.

“We are also looking for some backing, so if you have some spare cash to invest in a really worthwhile venture let us know."

The follow up will be screen on October 22 at the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley.

Mr Tichborne, said: "We are working to a really tight deadline as we have to have to have the follow up finished by the October 22 for the premier at the Phoenix Cinema.

“We will be featuring stories in Barnet which have happened since we finished the original film in January.

“These include the closure of Friern Barnet Library, the harassment of Helen Michael by SO15, the problems Barnet Museum are facing and the problems Barnet Council are having with the One Barnet program.

“We will also feature some of the brighter side of life, with the Olympic Torch relay and Jubilee celebrations.

“We aim to make a film that will be watchable, enjoyable and make people appreciate the good things we have, so we don't throw them all away".