A schoolboy with sickle cell anaemia is raising awareness about his condition to help other people with genetic disorders.

Tamilore Awosile, 11, of Barnet was diagnosed with the blood disorder at birth but has always been determined not to let it stand in his way.

Tamilore, who goes to Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, said: “I have to take medication and take extra precautions in the cold because I’m more prone to infections.

“When I get ill I get pains in my back, and my arms and leg.”

Sometimes the pain is so severe he needs to take morphine and often misses two-four weeks of school every year.

From the age of nine, Tamilore used crutches for one and a half years and had to stop playing contact sports.

He said: “I was disappointed I couldn’t play football and rugby anymore. It’s just too dangerous.
“But instead I decided to get into music and joined the school orchestra.”

Wanting to tell his story to help others with similar disorders, Tamilore is helping children's charity, Genetic Disorders UK, to raise awareness about his disorder.

He has helped create an educational video about sickle cell anaemia which will be shown to thousands of children across the UK as part of the charity’s Jeans for Genes Day on Friday, October 5.

Everyone is encouraged to wear jeans to work or school and make a donation to the charity.

Tamilore said: “I wanted to get involved to tell people that despite challenges you can still achieve.

“You should try and be positive and try your best whatever challenges you face.”

His mum, Laura Awosile, said: “Tamilore has always tried to be positive. Some people tease him about his condition, not because they mean to bully him but because they don’t understand. Jeans for Genes will help to educate people and raise awareness.”