Today marks World Vegan Day, a day where people across the country reflect on how far the movement has come since its origins. 

In recent years, veganism has become a lot more popular with many people swapping meat and dairy produce for fully plant-based products.

Resulting in big supermarket chains introducing their own plant-based lines and major fast-food chains launching vegan meals, with McDonald's being the most recent with their McPlant Burger. 

How is World Vegan Day being celebrated?

The annual day is typically commemorated by taking some time to look at the current world situation and to help raise awareness of how veganism could benefit the world's environment. 

Plus' vegans across social media are sharing awareness on the lifestyle and are encouraging others to give it a go. 

Whilst many people who aren't vegan use the day to go meat and dairy-free, to try and experience the food and lifestyle that vegans have. 

Schools across the UK are also using the day to teach children about the benefits of climate change that eating less meat can do. 

Times Series: World Vegan Day is marked on November 1 (PA)World Vegan Day is marked on November 1 (PA)

How does veganism help the planet?

Scientists have been working hard in recent years to prove the environmental benefits of changing to a vegan diet. 

The most valuable impact is the reduction in greenhouse gasses that are a major part of global warming and climate change.

There is also evidence that veganism can help combat world hunger, with the food used to feed livestock instead used to help those that struggle to find or afford food. 

World Vegan day hopes to inspire people to make their diets less meat-based with the aim to help the environment.