A new TV network is being launched across the UK this month for dogs and their owners. 

DogTV will launch on November 8 and will be aimed specifically towards man's best friend. 

The channel will air scientifically tested programs that will alleviate symptoms in specific dog conditions, including separating anxiety, stress, and loneliness. 

Plus, the new network will have shows designed to help dog owners get a better understanding of how to look after their pets. 

DogTV has been developed using research into the physiological and psychological needs, moods, and responses to audio and visual stimuli that help animals feel more relaxed. 

The creators behind the TV have also adapted the colours, audio frequencies, and camera alignment to cater to dog senses. 

Although the channel is already available in other countries this will be the first-ever dog-specific channel in the UK and will have a show hosted by celebrity dog trainer Laura Nativo, who will give tips on how to live better at home with a pet. 

Times Series: Dogs will be busy watching TV with the new service. (PA)Dogs will be busy watching TV with the new service. (PA)

DogTV, chief scientist Professor Nicholas Dodman has said that it is "an excellent resource for dog owners to help alleviate some of the behavioural problems that can arise when dogs are left alone.

"With numbers of dog owners rising over the pandemic, and owners now returning to work, DogTV helps canines to feel relaxed and comforted until their owners return home".

The new service will be available on smart TVs, Apple, and Android devices and online.