Nothing beats a roast dinner on a Sunday. Especially as the colder days are drawing in, spending your Sunday indulging in roast potatoes and gravy is about as relaxing as they come.

However, with Christmas approaching comes more financial strains, from higher energy bills to buying gifts for the family. So it's important to save as much as you can where possible. And roast dinners can add up, especially your Christmas Day roast.

CashLady know this, so they have crunched the numbers to discover which British supermarket does the cheapest roast dinner.

They investigated the costs of all key ingredients of a roast dinner at nine leading supermarkets, concluding the cost per person.

The shops were ranked in terms of cost for both a chicken and a beef roast dinner, with one being the cheapest and nine ranking the costliest.

The research revealed that Aldi is the cheapest place for you to buy your Sunday roast if you are a fan of chicken, costing only £8.26. For a roast beef, Lidl took top spot with the cost of £9.33.

Aldi, Lidl and Tesco prices for a chicken roast dinner

Aldi, £8.26         

Lidl, £8.37

Tesco, £10.55   

Sainsburys, £11.19

Asda, £12.03

Morrisons, £14.62         

Waitrose, £15.43

M&S, £15.73     

Co-op, £18.05   

Asda, Aldi and Lidl prices for a beef roast dinner

Lidl, £9.33

Aldi, £10.92

Asda, £15.78

Tesco, £19.55

Sainsburys, £19.69

Morrisons, £21.69         

Co-op, £23.35

M&S, £23.48     

Waitrose, £26.59