It's a debate as old as time - to bounty or not to bounty? 

Bounties certainly create the same kind of conversation as marmite - people either love them or hate them.

New research has revealed that 52 percent of Brits claim it's their least favourite chocolate. 

But now, Celebrations lovers will have the chance to trade them in for Malteasers Teasers at certain Co-ops around the country in the new year.  

The launch from Mars, which makes the coconut treats, came with a new Christmas ad - The Lonely Bounty.

It follows a Bounty bar on the hunt for true love, where he meets an equally unloved Brussels sprout.

The two form an unlikely romance, after the sprout says that Bounty is in fact the best chocolate out of the Celebrations tin.

Times Series: The 'Lonely Bounty' and his love interest, 'Sprout' in the new Celebrations Christmas advert (PA)The 'Lonely Bounty' and his love interest, 'Sprout' in the new Celebrations Christmas advert (PA)

Cemre Cudal, Mars Wrigley’s Head of Christmas said: "The unlikeliest of couples but, nonetheless, a love for the ages.

"I defy anyone not to fall in love with Bounty after they watch this heart-breaking film.

"And if after all that, you still can’t bring yourself to love a Bounty this Christmas, we’ll take them back as part of our Bounty Return Scheme in January. Because no Bounty should be left alone at the bottom of a Celebrations tub!"

Watch the Celebrations Christmas ad here 

The Bounty Return Scheme will be launched at selected Co-op stores in London, Manchester and Glasgow from January 17 2022.