Chris and Rosie Ramsey, who rose to fame with their podcast Sh*gged.Married.Annoyed will be getting their own show on the BBC next year.

The real-life husband and wife duo will be bringing The Chris & Rosie Ramsey Show to BBC Two in 2022.

It will see the pair joined each week by another celebrity couple to poke fun at life; growing up, relationships, arguments, annoyances, parenting and everything in between. 

Chris and Rosie began the Sh*gged.Married.Annoyed podcast back in 2019, with their free-flowing discussions about general life and annoyances really striking a tone with listeners.

Nowadays it has almost 90 million downloads, with the couple also having released a book on it, and have gone on tour with it also.

Chris said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to have a show on the BBC, slightly annoyed that my years and years hard graft and solo work did nothing to achieve me this, but the moment I get my wife involved, it happens. But hey ho, you take what you can get.”

Rosie said: “You’re welcome, Chris.”

Kate Phillips, Director of Entertainment at the BBC said: “Chris and Rosie are one of the funniest and frankest couples I know. To have them at the helm of a brand new series packed full of very relatable, relevant issues, especially after so many people were locked down together, will be a great treat for 2022!”