Paddy McGuinness broke down in tears on the latest episode of Top Gear as the show paid tribute to former stuntman Eddie Kidd.

McGuinness put on a display for him with the help of his fans who did various stunts that he did in his youth.

Kidd is notable for holding many world records for jumping over cars and buses, and appeared as a stunt double for Timothy Dalton in the James Bond film The Living Daylights, as well as for Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye.

Back in 1996, Kidd suffered a serious accident whilst performing, which left him paralysed and suffering brain damage.

The 62-year-old now lives in Brighton with his partner, Billie, and his full-time carer, Glen.

McGuinness wanted to pay tribute on Top Gear to the stunts that Kidd performed in his career.

Speaking to Kidd on the show McGuinness told him: “The Guv’nor, the absolute Guv’nor.”

“Eddie, I cannot believe I’m here with you. My mates will be so jealous,” he said.

“Honestly, when I was a kid, I had your posters up in my bedroom, before my mum took them for her own bedroom.

“It’s an absolute thrill, I’m so glad you’ve let me come and see you down here.”

McGuinness jumped through a ring of fire during an emotional tribute to Eddie.

In a tweet posted after the episode aired, McGuinness said: "Thank you for all the kind messages regarding tonight’s @BBC_TopGear tribute to Eddie Kidd.

"It was an honour to spend time with Eddie and his wonderful family. A true British legend."