2021 is flying by in a blur but now we can relive the best bits with Snapchat's new memories feature.

The instant messaging app has revealed a new Snap Maps feature where users can look back on the past year more easily than ever before.

While Spotify Wrapped unveils a roundup of what its listeners have been streaming at the end of the year, Snapchatters can now use this feature all year round.

The platform has updated two Snap-owned experiences Memories and Explore with some exciting new elements. 

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For the first time, Snapchatters can toggle between Layers and personalize their own landscape to look over their yearly memories or even explore what is next to come.

What are the new Snapchat updates?

Snapchat Memories

Snapchat is rounding up the year by allowing users to see their favourite moments via its SnapMap.

Snapchatters can use the map to look over your memories when you hover over where those moments happened.

For privacy reasons, you will only be able to see your own memories and not your friends on Snap Map.

Snapchat Explore

Times Series: Snapchat Layers Memories feature. Credit: SnapchatSnapchat Layers Memories feature. Credit: Snapchat

The Explore feature has been reimagined which will help you discover the world around you like never before.

Building on Snapchat's Heat Map, you will be able to access photos and videos submitted by users all over the world in the improved viewport.

The instant messaging platform's layers will allow users to connect with their community both digitally and in the real world with selected partners like Ticketmaster and The Infatuation.

The Ticketmaster layer will allow Snapchatters to see events and concerts nearby as well as connect them to other users that may be interested in going to the shows.

Users will even be able to buy tickets to the show through the Ticketmaster mini.

Looking at the Infatuation Layer, users can use the feature to find the top restaurants in their area and read the full Infatuation.com reviews.

What is Snap Map?

Snap Map links 30 million businesses and 250 million active users into a digital community.

The map gives you a "personal lens to your surroundings", according to the platform, which connects you to "the people and places you care about most, all in real-time.".

Last year, Snapchat removed Snap Map from its secret swipe pattern and you can now easily see what is going on with your friends and in your neighbourhood with a click of a button.

You can even access see photos and videos from Snapchatters from around the world by just looking at the tab right next to Chat.

The new features above, known as Layers, are part of Snapchat's mission of "delivering [its] most personalized digital map...to connect our community out there in the real world."

Snapchat and Privacy

Snapchat has said that safety is their "number one priority" with location-sharing being off as default for all its users.

Snapchatters have to opt-in to share their location with their friends and there’s no option to share with “Everyone.”

You can tailor your preferences by tapping the settings button at the top of the Snap Map.

This is where you can pick which friends can see your location or you can hide your whereabouts completely with Ghost Mode.