Experts have warned against a viral TikTok car date idea that could lead to massive fines and a driving ban.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, many will be turning to popular social media apps to impress their significant other.

While there are many fantastic ideas and life hacks on TikTok, some are best left alone if you value the money in your wallet as well as the safety of others.

This is why the experts over at Dick Lovett have taken some of these popular videos to task to save drivers from facing the wrong end of the law.

Times Series: (Canva) There are a number of TikTok ideas best left alone(Canva) There are a number of TikTok ideas best left alone (Image: Canva)

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Experts warn against popular TikTok car date ideas this Valentine's Day

The experts wanted against the following viral TikTok ideas:

Movie Night Car Dates

Car movie nights have been a popular date idea across social media since the lockdown with many using the quirky date plan to get out of the house.

However, driving to your favourite scenic spot and deciding to camp out could land you in some trouble as wild camping is not permitted in most parts of England and Wales without the express approval of the landowner.

While this falls under trespassing, you are more likely to be asked to move along.

However, if you’re thinking of combining your movie night with alcoholic drinks, this is where you may have issues. If you’re over the limit and sleeping in your car, you could be charged with ‘Drunk in charge of a powered vehicle’. This can result in up to a £2,500 fine and a possible driving ban. 

Recording Yourself While Driving 

The experts also warned of other TikTok trends that could land you in hot water.

Many users have started filming themselves while they drive for online videos.

However, using your phone in any way while you drive could see you fined £200 and given 6 points on your licence.

Further, if you passed your driving test in the last two years, you could lose your licence.

Splashing Pedestrians With Puddles

Videos of splashing people with puddles have grown online but motorists could face up to £5,000 in fines for driving without due care and attention.

It is also rather ethically questionable to splash passersby.