Only Fools and Horses' Patrick Murray, who is currently battling cancer, has been fined £2800 for parking at McDonald's.

The 66-year-old actor, known for playing the beloved character Mickey Pearce on the popular BBC show, was first issued the fine five years ago.

However, this initial fine of £100 soon amounted to an astonishing £2800 when it remained unresolved.

The ticket was originally given for parking in a disabled bay after he was told to do so by a member of staff, according to his tweet.

Only Fools and Horses star Patrick Murray shares how he was fined £2800 for parking at McDonald's

Taking to X, formally known as Twitter, the Only Fools and Horses star said: "Five years ago I received a private parking ticket for parking on a disabled spot at McDonald's."

The actor, who starred alongside Sir David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst added: "I went back and saw the manager complaining that I was asked by the server to park up there to await my food.

"The initial ticket was less than £100. Now I am getting countless letters from a company demanding I pay £2,800 in or face having my personal goods removed.

"There was no court order to say I owed this debt. Suddenly getting a demand for £3,000 could be devastating for many people. Who knows some may have been driven to suicide with worry.”

This comes after he revealed to fans that his cancer had returned, saying: "Despite all the wonderful efforts by the medical and nursing teams at Medway, Guys, and Kings College hospitals, the lung cancer has returned.

"I thought I had a painful groin strain a couple of months ago, unfortunately that turned out to be the cancer getting into my pelvis and leg bones."

He added: "It has also entered my lymphatic system. What about the good news? I had radiology treatment last week and my oncologist is fairly confident this will stop the leg pain, and I will be up and about again.

"Another positive is my consultant. He is confident that the chemo will keep things in check for months and even years."