Over the programme's nearly two decades on the air, hundreds of guests have been interviewed on The Graham Norton Show.

The talkshow first started in 2007 and was only set to last for 13 episodes but because of its popularity, its run was routinely extended.

From the start, it has been produced by So Television, a company founded by Graham Stuart and the beloved comedian-presenter.

While many of us may be familiar with the programme's funniest moments, Graham Stuart has shared a few of the most outrageous demands made by guests on The Graham Norton Show.

The most outrageous guest demands on The Graham Norton Show

While working with celebrities puts those behind the scenes in contact with some crazy antics, Stuart said it was "kind of disappointing" that he didn't have lots of wild stories to draw upon from his time on the BBC show, according to the Metro.

However, he did recall one story involving a "major star" putting in an incredibly strange request.

He said: "I can’t give names, but we once had a major artist insist on a second dressing room.

"Which, you know, that’s fair enough. But…it was for their phone."

He also revealed how they once cleared another room solely to store one of Dolly Parton's wigs.

Despite all of this, he said that if they ever received a demand that was too extreme, they would be unlikely to bend over backwards to accommodate it.

He said: "This is a really important show for the entertainment business. You’re not going to mess around.

"You can ask for insane things. But why would we, why would we give them?

"There’s no sorting colours of M and M’s, that sort of thing although [we do obviously] want to look after people and make them feel comfortable."

Stuart then reflected on one of the most jaw-dropping moments in the show's history when Mark Wahlberg drunkenly sat on Graham Norton's lap and began pinching his nipples.

Discussing what happened when the cameras stopped rolling, Stuart revealed that the actor became "more in touch with reality and planet Earth."

He added that "whatever happened we would make sure what went out was good and fair and honest" and "that’s exactly what went out."

He said: "We love Mark Wahlberg because he is such a big star. He then came back again and again and again and again. And I say that is a tribute to him and to us definitely."

He also shared how they would never want to take someone off the air if they were drunk.

Discussing a 2014 episode when Matt Damon, Bill Murray and Hugh Bonneville arrived on set with a case of champagne following the premiere of their film Monuments Men, he described the scenes as "classic television."

He added: "We’ve never been in a situation where we thought we can’t put that show out. We never let that happen."