Since the news broke that Dr Michael Mosley, famed for his Just One Thing podcast, numerous books and the Fast-800 diet, passed away last week, his everlasting life lessons have been making headlines.

Affectionately known as a 'health guru', the documentarian and journalist shaped the way Brits thought about their health for decades.

Mosley championed Mediterranean meals and came up with his famous Fast 800 diet plan, but he had so many more incredible tips to offer.

Here we take a look at some of his most popular life lessons:

Healthy foods that do more harm than good

Dr Mosley previously wrote on the Fast 800 blog: "In a world full of food manufacturers, with clever marketing and a lack of science behind their claims, it can often become confusing to know exactly which foods are healthy when you're navigating the supermarket.

"With huge signs at the end of each aisle, telling you exactly why the latest products will turn your health around, it's easy to fall into their well-set traps and spend a fortune on 'healthy' foods that are not so healthy."

According to Dr Mosley, vegetable crisps aren't big enough to provide any real nutritional value and aren't any healthier than those made with spuds due to the amount of sunflower oil they're fried in.

As an alternative, the health guru recommends opting for raw vegetables, nuts, seeds, or gut-boosting sauerkraut and kimchi.

Another thing he warns against are products sold as 'low-fat alternatives'. In recent years, scientific research has provided a plethora of new evidence that recognises the health benefits of full-fat foods.

He said that low-fat items are often stripped of their nutrients and crammed with sugar and additives to make up for the flavour loss by making them fat-free, and this can lead to blood sugar spikes, causing further cravings.

Dr Mosley explained: "A study, carried out by researchers at Stockholm's Karolinska Institute, tracked the diets of 20,000 women over 20 years.

"The study found links between the consumption of full-fat dairy products (milk and cheese) and weight loss. Over a ten-year period, the women who regularly consumed full-fat milk saw a lower BMI."

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Easy morning routine to cut weight

Speaking in his book 'Just One Thing', he advised getting out in the morning within two hours of waking up.

He said raising your heart rate with low-impact exercise early in the day helps to regulate your appetite, which in turn helps with weight loss.

Writing in Just One Thing, Michael said: "As well as waking you up, bright outdoor light helps to reset your body clock, which in turn helps to regulate hunger, mood, body temperature and all sorts of other important bodily processes."

He added: "Light levels outdoors are at least 10 times brighter than inside your house, and when this light hits sensors at the back of your eyes, this sends messages to a part of your brain called the pituitary gland, ordering it to stop producing the hormone melatonin."

One food is perfect for losing weight


Dr Mosley said: "It is mid-afternoon and I am craving some chocolate or perhaps a biscuit, but instead I am going for a protein-packed snack that can protect my heart, may stave off cancer, and give my brain a boost.

"I am cracking out the nuts."

He went on to describe how nuts often get "bad press" due to their high-fat content and in some cases, causing life-threatening allergies.

However, he explained: "But if, like me, you are able to eat nuts, this is definitely one thing you should start doing today."

He called nuts "nutritional power-houses" adding that when we eat them we get lots of fibre, and more importantly, polyphenols.

Red wine can be good for you

This popular drink is the only alcohol that offers some “compelling” health benefits.

It has been found to lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

These two common conditions can lay the groundwork for cardiovascular problems, ranging from heart attacks to strokes.

Fortunately, enjoying red wine - in moderation - could help bust these culprits.

Fast 800 diet plan

Michael Mosley's Fast 800 diet plan is a popular choice for many aspiring to lose weight fast and effectively, and as summer has arrived, many fear a "slip up" might be on the horizon.

Thousands of Brits want to look their best during summer, whether that be abroad or at home, the perfect summer bod is a goal for most.

That said, you should treat yourself in the company of friends and family over the summer, because let's face it, nothing's much fun at the moment.

Break the odd dietary commitment once in a while, however, if you want to remain loyal to your nutritional regime.

Dr Mosley's website says: "So many face the feeling of worry and dread when celebrations and long weekends are on the horizon. It can often be the moment people break away from their diet, or face the infamous “slip up”.

The Fast 800 is designed to be followed for life and with life comes events, occasions and celebrations.

"Eating Mediterranean-style meals, packed with protein, healthy fats and fibre, will ensure you stay full and nourished throughout the day."