MORE than 100 opponents of the Brent Cross Cricklewood plans demonstrated outside Hendon Town Hall before last nights crucial meeting.

The committee room was packed with vocal residents and pressure group campaigners as the two-day meeting got underway, with around 50 in an overspill room watching a live video feed.

Below is a summary of what was said by opponents of the scheme: Alistair Lambert, Brent Terrace Residents' Association: Said the residents of the street in the heart of the development have a “sense of community” and questioned the wisdom of taking away green spaces currently used by children in the street.

He also criticised the building of large tower blocks near the family homes and called the scheme an “impossible fantasy”.

David Howard, Federation of Residents' Associations in Barnet: Opposed the scheme and called the planned housing as “hutches for hobbits with no proper homes with gardens for families”.

Asked what effect it would have on shops in the surrounding area.

Dennis Pepper, London Wildlife Trust: Said the plans mean “wildlife, which does not have many people to speak for it, does not really get a look in”.

He said the planned 25 years of development would drive existing species out, while River Brent improvements were cosmetic and not liveable for animals.

Dr Deutch Asked why road some junction improvements from an earlier report do not feature in the current proposals.

Jon Cox, Campaign for Better Transport: Questioned the traffic forecast, which predicts a 9,000 car-a-day increase on roads around the area and asked why the plans still spend as much on road improvements.Asked why a light railway has not been considered to link to the site.

Dawood Pervez, Director of Bestway Cash and Carry:Said his company would not sell their threatened Edgware Road store willingly and would fight any compulsory purchase order.

James Ahern, on behalf of Lidl: Also said the company would contest any purchase orders and said getting rid of the store would “reduce competition”.

Jim Rowland, Brent Friends of the Earth: Questioned the green credentials of the plans.

Alex McKinnell, Hendon Way resident: Raised fears over increased congestion and years of disruption for residents. Warned “you can't get something for nothing”.

Pauline McKinnell, Cricklewood Community Forum: Opposed the plans saying the flats would encourage a “transient community”, warned air quality would diminish further around the A406.

Viv Stein, Brent resident: Warned traffic would increase on back roads, questioned the traffic assessment and asked “Why has the incinerator chimney been left off the plans?”

Lia Colacicco, chair of the Coalition for a Sustainable Brent Cross Cricklewood: Slammed the traffic forecasts and accused the developers of “losing” 29,000 cars. Said residents would welcome “unlimited homes, the more the better, but the kind of homes that people want”.

Cllr Brian Coleman, Barnet and Camden London Assembly member: Said the development is “too tall and dense” and warned it could end up like the Grahame Park Estate. Accused the developers of having “no vision” and “no imagination” adding “Going high where the maximum profit is, what we do not need is more flats in this borough”.

Navin Shah, Brent and Harrow London Assembly Member: An architect by trade, he said examination of the plans “raises more questions than answers”. He added: “I do not believe what is clearly a 60s solution, high rise blocks and future slums, does not sit well in outer London.” Pledged to lobby the Mayor of London to reject the plans is they are passed.

Sarah Teather, Brent East MP: Warned passing the plans would be a “slap in the face” for residents, and said “jobs alone are not an acceptable reason to approve something which would have a detrimental effect in the area”. Criticised the traffic plans and lack of access for residents from Brent.

Cllr Alex Castle, Dollis Hill ward: Raised fears about nano particles he says will be created by the power facility.

Cllr Robert Dunwell, Queensbury ward: Raised fears for congestion north of the development with 14,000 new homes planned for the Burnt Oak and Colindale areas, despite no major improvements planned for the Edgware Road.

Cllr Roger Freeman, Camden development control committee: Raised fears for retail in Swiss Cottage and Kilburn High Road, and warned traffic flows south of the site would come to a halt because of extra cars there.