CALLS for Hendon MP Andrew Dismore to stand down from a committee role have been dismissed by the Labour politician.

Political pressure group The Sunlight Centre for Open Politics has reported Mr Dismore to the standards commissioner in light of newspaper claims he breached rules surrounding his expenses claims.

They say that the allegations in the Daily Telegraph about Mr Dismore switching his designated second home and claiming £65,000 in expenses mean it is not “compatible” with him remaining on the Standards and Privileges Committee.

But Mr Dismore denied he had done anything wrong and believes he has nothing to fear from the letter to commissioner John Lyon.

He said The Sunlight Centre is becoming infamous for jumping on the back of newspaper reports and making complaints about MPs.

“The commissioner goes by evidence and not newspaper articles,” said Mr Dismore.

“As there is no evidence I've done anything wrong I don't think it will go anywhere.

“He has got to accept the complaint before I have to give my side of it, but the point about it is I have not done anything wrong and I am sure the commissioner will blow it out if he were to investigate it.”

Mr Dismore also insisted there would have been more of a storm from within the House of Commons if it was thought the claims were serious.

He said: “If it was a big issue we would have had a lot of complaints from big people, not just the The Sunlight Centre.

“As with the police, just because someone has made a report doesn't mean the other person is guilty.”