CANNABIS worth more than £100,000 was discovered by police during a raid on a Hendon drugs den.

Police found the "colossal" crop in a house in Shirehall Close during the raid at 12.55pm today.

They said more than 900 plants were found in the three-storey house.

The operation came following tip-offs from members of the public to the West Hendon Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Counterfeit cash, mostly American dollars, was also found at the scene.

Several items, including a laptop, were also seized.

PC Eric Karaiskou said: "Every room has a very sophisticated set up."

"Members of the public believed something was going on. People had been seen moving about a few months ago, but not since."

He estimated the crop had been cultivating for up to five weeks.

PC Luc Gill added: "This is not just a person growing a couple of plants on his shelf - this is commercial, this is for sale on the street.

"This is the biggest one that we've seen; individually and as a team. This is colossal."

The living room housed 169 plants while all four rooms on the second floor were filled wall to wall.

Police said the carpets had been ripped up and holes made in the walls to allow for wiring and ventilation.

The property was unoccupied at the time of the raid, but investigations into the identities of the tenants continue.