OPPONENTS to a planning application that was approved by Barnet Council this week have called the process “farcical”.

At the East Area Planning Sub-Committee meeting on Wednesday night, approval was given to the development of a three-storey apartment at the rear of 69 Jackson Road, East Barnet.

The approval came despite 49 objections from neighbours.

Jackson Road resident Roger Aitken made a representation at the meeting and said he was “appalled” by the lack of consideration for residents’ concerns.

Mr Aitken said two people made representations to the committee, but a third was denied.

“It was just farcical, we may as well have not bothered,” he said.

The report mentioned only 26 of the 49 objections, which council said was due to the break during Christmas and New Year.

A site survey was also not carried out until the day before the meeting.

Those who attended were not allowed questions of the committee and felt that their concerns about the proximity of the development to their homes were misrepresented.

The group say the block threatens to overshadow neighbouring homes, including a detached house built by William Jackson, a pioneer of the area after whom the street was named.

“This is one of the oldest buildings in the borough and it is going to be overshadowed by this horrible monstrosity.”

A statement from the council maintained that Jackson Road and Oakleigh Court, where the development is to be built, are not located in a Conservation Area, Area of Special Character or an Area of Archaeological Significance.

The council also said residents had been given a chance to express their views before "members considered the application along with any relevant concerns."