Disgraced senior Tory Brian Coleman has ignored tribunal orders telling him to apologise for sending rude emails to members of the public.

Barnet Council is looking into the matter and has asked the tribunals service for advice on possible sanctions for the Totteridge representative.

Former GLA member Councillor Coleman was given 28 days from August 8 to retract remarks made to father-of-three Ron Cohen and Doctor Charlotte Jago.

The Totteridge representative called Jewish Mr Cohen a “disloyal Israeli” and told Dr Jago “70 years ago you would have been a (Nazi) blackshirt”.

In March, an independent standards panel found the former Barnet Mayor had breached the members’ code of conduct by sending the emails.

He was ordered to apologise but instead the then-chairman of the London Fire Authority opted to appeal the decision.

A first-tier tribunal on August 8 subsequently upheld the original decision and ordered that the controversial figure either apologise or appeal again within 28 days.

The tribunals service has since confirmed no appeal has been lodged and both Mr Cohen and Dr Jago say they have received no apology.

Father-of-three Mr Cohen, of Twins Avenue, Finchley, said: “It is outrageous. Not only has he been insulting but he’s ignoring the rules that he is supposed to uphold.

“It is not the apology I’m worried about – it is about how this elected representative is behaving. It shows what the council is really made of.”

Appeals administrator at the tribunals service Pete Martin explained the department has little enforcement power over individuals who ignore such orders.

He said: “There is no real sanction the tribunal can put in place – we can’t force him to make an apology. It would be down to the local authority.

“In other tribunals there are routes to make someone comply but, because there is no single regulator, it is not possible in this case.

“I’m not sure if a councillor has ignored these orders before.”

The Times Series understands Barnet Council is looking to sanction Councillor Coleman for failing to apologise but the authority is yet to make a statement on the matter.

IT Engineer Mr Cohen, 57, said: “I would like to see him removed from his post and suspended from council meetings. He’s obviously not up to the task of representing residents.”