Last month the Independent published a mystery photograph of a group of employees from the Jules Thorn electronics company enjoying themselves on a firm outing.

The picture was supplied by local historian, Dr Jim Lewis, who wanted to know when and where the photograph was taken.

This week, John Letchford, 74, a retired Thorn employee, of Goffs Oak, shed some light on the photograph and put a name to some of the faces pictured in the smiling crowd.

Mr Letchford joined the company when he left school at 14, in 1944, and worked there for 47 years with Sir Jules until his retirement in 1991. He believes the photograph was taken on a daytrip to Clacton, in June 1934.

He said: "I had some great days with the company. Sir Jules Thorn is a legendary figure who took so much care with his employees.

During the course of my time there, I was very happy to be associated with Sir Jules. We all had such a sinking feeling when he died in 1980."

Austrian emigre Thorn went on to become one of Enfield's most famous scientific pioneers with his work developing electric lamps during the last century.

During the 1920s Sir Jules established the Electrical Lamp Service company, importing lamp and radio parts. In 1932, he began making lightbulbs on the Eleys Estate in Edmonton.

Ringed from left to right (in the photograph above) are Edna Lane who worked at the Edmonton factory. Hugh Bellsham was the manager for the Edmonton Angel Factory. Mr F.S Tanning was an engineer at the Edmonton factory. "He was a wonderful man, the fulcrum of the business," remembers Mr Letchford.

Fred Brinton was a 'lamp-maker extraodinaire' at the Edmonton factory. "In terms of using the machinery, we did not have anyone better," said Mr Letchford. "His brother ran a butcher's shop in Ponders End High Street."

Mr Shire came from the Ferguson Radio Corporation after Thorn bought the company from Canadian JB Ferguson