The mother of Phil Beer, a Borehamwood hairdresser who was killed in last July's London bombings, has described a Government offer of compensation to victims and their families as an insult'.

This week the Government pledged an additional £2.5 million to the victims of the terrorist outrage and their relatives after being criticised for failing to provide sufficient financial help.

Kim Beer, from Masefield Avenue, Borehamwood, lost her only son on July 7, but is yet to receive any money in compensation.

Mrs Beer and her husband, who are separated, have each been offered £5,500 by the Government plus a share of the extra money.

She said: "It don't matter how much they give us it's not going to be enough. Nothing will bring him back but don't insult us. This is an insult to everyone that died on that train and bus."

Phil Beer, 22, was travelling to work on the Piccadily line when his train exploded just outside King's Cross Station. He lay in the train for more than 50 hours before he was found and his family searched hospitals for days before his death was confirmed.

A charitable fund for families bereaved by 7/7 has collected more than £5 m in donations from the public but the main source of compensation to victims and their families is the Government's Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, which has so far paid out £2 m to people injured and maimed in the attacks.

"The Government have offered us £11,000 between us but if you go out and get run over by a car you can get much more than that," said Mrs Beer.

"If it wasn't for this Government my son would still be alive. I hold Tony Blair 100 per cent responsible for dragging us into war.

"While I've still got breath in my body I will give Tony Blair hell, because he doesn't deserve anything else, he has ripped our family apart."

"By law we have to have it the money but don't insult our family's memory for a pittance. I would just like it to be fair."

The Government's compensation package is expected to reach the surviving victims of the atrocity and the family of people who lost their lives in time for the first anniversary of the attacks next month.

Mrs Beer said: "They have done nothing for 10 months so what's the sudden rush. All we are to them is numbers, we don't mean anything."