CCTV showing the last movements of Tavistock Square bus bomber Hasib Hussain, including him buying batteries to power his device, was shown to an inquest today.

Police pieced together hundreds of hours of footage from different cameras at Kings Cross and Euston stations, as well as buses, cash machines and shops around the area.

Eight people died when Hussain detonated his home-made device officers believe was originally meant for the Northern Line on a bus on July 7, 2005.

The pictures show him leaving the station ten minutes after his fellow plotters detonated their devices on the Tube network and walking around the Kings Cross area.

He is seen passing and walking behind several police officers heading towards the station, but none pay him attention.

Then he goes into back into the station and spends more than two minutes in the doorway of WH Smith rifling through his backpack stuffed with explosives, under the nose of a security guard.

Counsel to the inquest Hugo Keith QC told the hearing: “He spends a very significant amount of time routing around in a rucksack containing a highly unstable, cooled, explosive mixture.”

Officers think he was checking and removing the battery from the device before going to the counter and buying a new one.

The cameras track him to a nearby McDonalds where he spends eight minutes, which Detective Inspector Ewan Kindness who collated the tape said was probably spent changing the battery.

Then he heads towards Euston station on a 91 bus, before changing to a number 30, which was diverted through Tavistock Square.

A corruption on the CCTV drive on the bus means no images of it could be recovered, but footage shot from other buses, a hotel and the British Medical Institute where the blast happened show the reaction of panicked members of the public running for cover.

The bomb on the bus claimed the life of Haringey charity worker Anat Rosenberg, 39, who got on it after earlier disruption caused by the other explosions on the Tube.