They have often been dubbed, perhaps prematurely, Britain’s answer to the Williams sisters but Essence and Destinee Martins had the chance to show their skills at the Lawn Tennis Association’s National Talent ID Day.

The twins were two of four tennis players from Middlesex selected for the event which was held at Bolton Arena.

The LTA Talent ID team were aiming to spot future performance players who, even at such an early age, were displaying the right attributes that could enable them to make an impact on the game.

Destinee, 12, said: “I wanted to try and do better than last time I came here so hopefully I made a good impression.

“I like coming here as my sister and I are competitive, I had a knee injury so I’m a bit behind her but hopefully I can catch her soon.”

Twin sister Essence added: “It’s challenging and you can test yourself against other people your age. I enjoy the technique and fitness drills both as much because they are both hard work.”

The day was overseen by LTA head of talent management, Andrew Lewandowski, who was impressed by what he saw.

He said: “The four players performed really well and showed plenty of ability across a number of different tasks testing qualities including athletic ability, coordination, speed and agility and a real natural talent and love for the sport.”